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Ultra Marine Flip Swivel & Hook

£227.82£694.00 ex VAT - £273.38 inc VAT

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The Most Advanced Anchor Swivel

Well known swivel, a small part in complete anchoring system, but big factor in success of the whole anchor roll up process. Ultra Marine’s unique design assures your boat no damage, safe anchor´s operation and easy recovering on the bow roller. No matter the brand or type of anchor you use, you may absolutely trust our Ultra Flip Swivel design, delivering you smooth operation instantly with expected results.

As every Ultra Marine´s Product – it was designed with passion, experience and utmost care to every detail, with highest demands on materials used. No matter their products, you will find now or later, the Ultra Flip Swivel is a great start and relatively small investment – with such effect on something you have had spent much more.


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